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Developing Solar Farms in New York

Central Hudson Specifically

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The quicker you can de-risk a solar energy farm project (and increase its likelihood to proceed) the more valuable the project will be for you and your stakeholders. The general guidelines you and your team can follow are:

1. Establish Site Control - by owning the land or securing an option to buy it later on.

2. Gather necessary Interconnection Application Documents - You can find all documents here

3. Cross check available capacity on the feeders and substations of this Central Hudson Territory Map

4. Apply for Interconnection Application, or a CESIR [Coordinated Electric System Interconnection Review] through Central Hudson's online portal

5. At the same time you'll want to make sure permitting documents are in order for:

(a) Town Board Planning Board Approval

(b) Building Permits

(b) Electrical Permits

(c) DEP Approval

(d) Tax/Pilot Agreement

6. Feel free to use a redacted version of Scenic Hudson's siting document - We selected some important 'siting' information for you

We will provide different options for:

(a) Building your solar farm

(b) Owning your solar farm

(c) Securing Lease Payments for your solar farm.

(d) Or helping you with all of the above to develop your solar project.

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