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    Solar Seek is a solar consultancy group that provides a transparent platform by assisting residential and commercial property owners to invest in solar projects. Solar-Seek manages Solar Energy Certificate Contracts and the Operations and Maintenance of the underlying solar asset. As expert consultants, Solar Seek assists clients with project development, financing and various incentive markets to secure pre-qualified, viable projects.

    Our Mission

    Solar Seek aims to deconstruct the mystery of solar prices & fees. Solar Seek helps residential homes and businesses realize the benefits of solar energy deployment. Whether as a hedge against escalating electricity rates or harnessing the economic value of underutilized roof space, we create value for our customers through our solar expertise. Unlike traditional developers, we offer a variety of ways in which a customer can create ready-to-build solar projects.


    The various way we can help you structure a solar investment, is as follows:


    1. Outright purchase - Client employs capital and tax appetite to secure economic benefits of a solar system.


    2. Mortgage-backed investment - the solar asset is 'rolled' into the mortgage of the host property. 


    3. A PPA or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is where a third party financier owns the solar asset and provides a fixed kwhour rate  – at no cost to the Host. This helps reduce operating expenses, and is a contracted agreement for a set number of years at an agreed upon price.


    4. Capital Lease - An equipment lease/loan provided by a financial institution to pay for the system.


    5. Operating Lease –  An equipment lease for owners that have no tax appetite. Structured so that the host leases the solar system from a bank or financial institution, which resemble payments as operating expenses of the business

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    America, like many countries has successfully implemented solar and renewable energy policies across different states. Federal tax breaks in conjunction with strong performance based mechanisms have driven strong returns of commercial and residential projects alike. The equipment for these...
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    What is it that will suit your land/roof/investment? Solar is a simple, scalable technology which creates ancillary revenue for your properties. Owning the asset could result in an IRR of 10-15%, or leasing your property can reduce operating expenses and secure rental income. Solar Seek deconstructs the process for you to provide a variety of vendors and financing options to help you develop the project. Don't waste time managing the process and rest assured that the projected ROI on all of your selected properties can be managed effectively and professionally.

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    With a small team of consultants based in NYC, Solar Seek has solar financing mechanisms at our fingertips. We understand incentive programs across the country and can introduce your company/project to innovative capital that has strong appetite for distributed solar generation projects.

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