• Your Solar Energy Setup

    Solar energy will soon be as commonplace as Wifi. Today, everyone can obtain electricity from a nearby solar farm, or simply install directly onto your house. The power is yours

    Offsite Solar

    Community Solar in your area

    Keep those electrons local! You don't need to purchase power from a random wind-farm in Texas to feel green anymore. You should get a minimum discount of 5-10% off your electric bill from a solar farm that you know about and care about. Companies in your area are permitting large amounts of land and looking for subscribers...You can 'subscribe' to a local solar farm in your utility zone to secure a discount on your electric bill without paying anything.

    Onsite Solar

    Solar On your House

    Purchasing your residential solar energy system outright will always give you the most value. More than 50% of the system is paid for by incentives - which means homeowners should see payback times of 3-6 years and a significant dent in their monthly electric bill. Please ask about solar roofs, transparent solar energy windows, and other solar energy related innovations...We're always trying to bring the best solar tech to people and their homes.


    Learn About Solar Energy Education packages and Courses. From small online courses to full-blown certifications... We hope you're across everything solar energy related.

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    The quicker you can de-risk a solar energy farm project (and increase its likelihood to proceed)...
  • Development Services

    We work with communities, landholders and real estate groups to analyze the solar potential of your property or portfolio of properties. We develop sites to setup community solar farms and provide educational guidance on how residents can best take advantage of solar energy in their area. We invest in solar farms and unique solar energy projects.

    Open Sourced Solar Energy Research

    1. Design layouts of panel arrays and ancillary equipment

    2. Submit development package for utility: to conduct Coordinated Electric System Interconnection Review (CESIR)

    3. Submit for state-based solar energy Incentives

    4. Ownership vs. Leasing cashflow models

    5. DEP Approvals, Tax PILOT Agreements


  • Recycled Solar Goods for Sale

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